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New Systems Exterminating & Co.

Based out of Culver City, New Systems Exterminating Co., Inc. was founded and led by, until this very day, Carl Fisher. Carl has also paved the way and served the region of Puerto Rico as a pest control expert. Now back in California for many years, Carl has started and established a very successful Pest Control and Termite Control service company that saves Home Owners thousands of dollars each year as well as protect their investments.

Carl Fisher 2018

Photo: AmpWorkshop

Carl Fisher and New Systems Exterminating

In 1970, Carl Fisher worked for a small pest control company near the Inglewood Forum in Los Angeles which was eventually acquired by Terminix. Soon thereafter, he was licensed by California to engage in Pest Management for UCLA where all campus facilities maintained a pest-free environment. These facilities include but are not limited to; Food service areas, student dorms and housing, Research labs, Medcial center, Vivarium and landscape pest and weed control. There at UCLA, Carl obtained all possible industry licenses by the State of California.

Carl's Trusted A-Team

Jesus Michel

  • Lead Service Technician Branch II and III           California licenses

  • Family Man

  • New Systems Exterminating Co.'s Termite

  • Specialist (Trained by Carl Fisher)

  • Longest tenured technician

  • Lead Guitarist

Oscar Ramirez

  • California Branch II License

  • Automotive Gear Head

  • Fast cars and trucks

  • General Pest Expert

Alonso Michel

  • California Branch II License

  • Hunting

  • Off-Roading

  • Cars, Trucks and Automobiles

  • Music....Rock....Punk...Everything

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