Hello, and welcome to our website.  My name is Carl Fisher, owner and chief technician.

It is hard, even for me, to believe that I have been in my industry for over 50 years.  That is a lot of experience.

Let  me give you a brief, thumbnail sketch of my background, which I suspect, not many of my peers share.

As a twenty something young buck in the early sixties I found myself in San Juan, Puerto Rico.  I thought I had the world by the tail!  Then I realized I had to eat, sleep, and wear clothes.  By sheer chance, I bumped into an industry pioneer entomologist by the name of Martin Nugent.  At that time he was starting a pest control company to service Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.  He asked me to join him as a student, and I did.

What happened next blew my mind.  Along with constant education, I was totally involved in fumigating grain mills, silos, ships, bulk storage, trailers, and tobacco storage facilities for stored product insects (cereal pests in today’s jargon).  This is not to leave out all my other activities of residential, commercial, and industrial customers for general pest elimination (roaches, both German and Brown Banded, Periplaneta Roaches ( VERY HUGE), ants, termites, rodents, bats, and too many other targets to bore you with.

I arrived in sunny Southern California in January 1970.  I went to work for a small company near the Inglewood Forum and started obtaining my California licenses.  The company was then sold to Terminix.  I then moved on to a staff position at U.C.L.A. where I engaged in all phases of pest control of all their facilities: medical center, research labs, and vivaria, student housing, food service areas, landscape pest and weed control.  Here I obtained all of the licenses that the State of California has to offer.

I don’t want to write a whole epistle so I’ll just bullet point my experience and qualifications.
  • State of California Pest Control Operator in Branches 1, 2,  & 3.
  • Owner of three pest control firms
  • Teacher, pest control technology
  • Engaged in all areas of residential, commercial, and industrial pest control including food plants, warehouses, bulk grain storage, ships, vans, boxcars and vaults
  • Expert knowledge in the detection and elimination of wood destroying organisms
  • Performed quarantine fumigations under USDA auspices
  • Formulated and marketed field rodent baits for sugar industry in Puerto Rico
  • Wrote study guide “Pesticide Toxicology and Modes of Action” P.C.O.C. Educational Conference, and conducted conference classes
  • Coordinator/Instructor for Structural Pest Control Board to Department of Food and Agriculture inspectors (who became lead agency of pesticide application enforcement)
  • Expert witness for insurance companies involved in pest control related litigation
  • Expert witness for Structural Pest Control Board in administrative law actions